Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

We are proud to add a new member to the HBI Network. HBI Dominicana (HBID) is now open and accepting patients. HBI has long had a presence in the Caribbean. That presence has now been strengthened with the addition of the Dominican Republic - the largest of the Caribbean nations. 

We thank Ash Hasnain, CEO of HBID, for his tireless efforts to get this new Heart Center off the ground. We also thank BIOTRONIK for their contribution and commitment to HBID. Video from HBID's grand opening.

Pakistan: Karachi & Lahore

The idea to establish a Heart Center in Pakistan came about when the Association of Pakistani Descent Cardiologists of North America (APCNA) realized that the cost of pacemakers is prohibitive to the majority of Pakistani residents. APCNA connected with Heartbeat International, and a Pakistan Rotary Club to establish the first Heart Center in Karachi. With success in Karachi, the collaboration grew and Implant Centers opened in 4 additional locations in Pakistan. Pakistani Heart Centers are being overseen by three Rotarians who are dedicated to managing inventory, patient screenings and approvals, as well as, two members of the APCNA that handle international and financial concerns. HBI Pakistan has implanted more than 220 devices in patients ranging from age 20 to 85 years old. 

A special thanks to Ovais Ahmed Kohari and Dr. Wajib Baig for their contributions. Mr. Kohari, a small business owner, is Chairman of HBI Pakistan. Dr. Wajid Baig, Chairman of the original Heart Center project, is a cardiologist who graduated from Dow Medical College, Karachi, Pakistan. He trained at Mount Sinai Medical Center, NY. Dr. Baig has been in private practice for 21 years. 

Guatemala City, Guatemala

HBI Co-Founder, Dr. Federico Alfaro, started HBI Guatemala in 1986. Dr. Alfaro came to the startling realization that there are many in his country who, with a pacemaker, could enjoy a much longer and more productive life. HBI Guatemala is housed at the Cardiovascular Surgery Unit of Guatemala. The number of lives saved annually varies between 60 - 100.


Mexico: Saltillo, Monterey, Veracruz, Mexico City

HBI Mexico began operation on May 1, 2005 in cooperation with the Rotary Club Industrial Saltillo, the Rotary Club of Ramos Arizpe, and the Rotary Club of Arteaga. Since then, 93 implants have been successfully carried out. HBI Mexico operations are coordinated from Saltillo. The full network of implant centers extends to Mexico City, Monterrey, Veracruz and soon Chihuahua.

Dr. Leonel Olivas Salazar serves as medical director for HBI Mexico. An interdisciplinary team provides specialized care to patients. The formation of this team of medical professionals was done by Mr. Ariel Garcia Salazar, CEO of HBI Mexico, who ensured that the best care is provided to those most in need. The entire doctor to patient process is free for life. 

Quito, Ecuador

Information about this Heart Center will be coming soon.

Honduras: Tegucigalpa & San Pedro Sula


Bangalore, India

HBI Bangalore began in 1997 when Rotary Bangalore organized the first pacemaker bank (now Heart Center). 

Over 1.4 million Indians need critical heart surgery annually. Currently about 55,000 surgeries are done annually throughout the country. Migrants, those that travel between Indian states, typically have the most difficult time finding healthcare because of benefit ineligibility. Most of the patients who seek treatment from HBI Bangalore are either from Tamilnadu or West Bengal.

HBI Bangalore stocks the medical devices and sends them to the (3) partner hospitals as patients are approved. Volunteer physicians implant the devices free of cost. These hospitals undertake this as their social obligation to the society they serve. A special thank you to Fortis, Manipal and Jayadeva Hospitals for their care and compassion.

HBI Bangalore has implanted more than 300 pacemakers saving the lives and maintaining the family structures of each one of the patients that have received them. We thank the dedicated members of the HBI Bangalore Board of Directors for their continued dedication. M. Subramaniam, S.P. Krishnamurthy, V. Krishnamoorthy, Praful Kumar, Nova Bethania, S.R. Yogananda, Dr. Raghuraman, Dr. Mohanan Nambiar.

Pictured here is HBI Chairman Dr. Benedict Maniscalco and COO Michael Maniscalco with the members of HBI Bangalore in 2012.

Cochin, India

HBI Cochin was established as a an initiative of Rotary Club of Cochin North in 2002. The Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences houses the implant program and provides patient referrals.

HBI Cochin has treated one of the youngest patients within the Heart Center network. Baby Fathimath was only 4 months old when she under went a complex procedure to close multiple holes in her heart. As part of the procedure, she was implanted with a pacemaker in order to promote further stabilization of her heart. 

Asuncion, Paraguay

Since opening in 2013, HBI Paraguay has made a total of 196 implants. 76% of the population (7 million people) is poor and cannot access or afford the health services they need. HBI Paraguay has set up it's own foundation (Fundacion Cardiologica Cientifica del Paraguay) to help fund the majority of their implants so that the needy patients aren't burdened with the cost.

14 year old Jorge Ayala is an HBI Paraguay patient. One day Jorge was walking past the fire station in his town and suddenly had a cardiac arrest. Luckily there were paramedics around to revive him, and he received an implant from HBI Paraguay and is now able to go back to school and live a normal life. Jorge is just one example of a life saved in Paraguay.

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad

In 1985, Rotarians participated in the formation of the first Pacemaker Bank (now known as Heart Center) in Trinidad and Tobago along with 15 other countries. Locally, the Rotary Club of St. Augustine had a major role to play as they, and other member clubs, assumed the management of the Pacemaker Bank from 1985 to 2006.

Since the inception of the pacemaker program in 1985 through 2015,  Heartbeat International of Trinidad & Tobago (HBITT) has successfully implanted a total of 1205 cardiovascular implantable devices in needy citizens of Trinidad and Tobago at value of over TT $60M dollars. Of the 11 Heart Centers operated by HBI worldwide HBITT is the most active and has consistently been the leader in patient implants annually. 

The Rotary Club of St. Augustine remains one of the main financial contributors to the operations of HBITT through its annual Golf for Life Tournament. The Club also jointly manages the Heartbeat International Regional Distribution Center (RDC) that collects, stores and ships pacemakers and defibrillators to other HBI Heart Centers worldwide.The Rotary Club of St. Augustine continues to support and make substantial financial contributions to both Heartbeat International of T&T (HBITT) and the Regional Distribution Center to assist in their operating expenses.

Lusaka, Zambia

Opening 2016