Our Life-Saving Service

Acquire Heart Devices


We partner with medical device manufactures that donate brand new cardiovascular implantable devices to our organization. Our partners’ philanthropic actions forward their mission to transform lives, as well as our mission to help poor hearts beat better.

Coordinate Medical Staff

HBI HEart center team – the philippines

HBI HEart center team – the philippines

We recruit volunteer, in country cardiologists, and specialized physicians. We bring together their talents to evaluate our patients, perform pacemaker implantation procedures, and provide a lifetime of follow up care,

Mobilize Heart Centers

Hospital Rosales

We collaborate with medical institutions that provide the required equipment and space necessary to carry out our mission. Our partnerships are friendly as well as formalized to ensure safe and competent care for our patients.


Donate to Help

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We save lives. After treatment, our patients live full, productive lives. Children play and grow, and parents continue to care for their families. 

We are the only charity of our kind and we need your support. All it takes is $585 to give someone the gift of a lifetime. That means if we can work together and reach our goal of $500,000 we can save over 800 patients in need this year.

Together, we can be their lifeline.